When Waiting Overnight isn’t an Option!

Constipation Relief
in 2-15 Minutes!

When Waiting Overnight isn’t an Option!
Constipation Relief in 2-15 Minutes!

Are you dealing with Constipation? You are not alone.

Constipation is a very common gastrointestinal condition, affecting about 42 million Americans, or 15% of the population. Studies show that the condition is affecting more and more Americans each year. Situations that place people at risk for acute constipation include imposed immobility, a change in toileting habits, dietary changes (whether self-imposed by dieting or for medical reasons), medications and stress. The most common predisposing factors for chronic constipation include advanced age, being female, poor fluid and dietary intake, cognitive or functional impairment and ongoing privacy issues. Medications like Opioids are among the major medications that predispose patients to constipation.

(Levy, 1991; McMillan & Williams, 1989; Sykes, 1996).

Let’s you get on with your life!

  • Fast, predictable results typically in 2-15 minutes
  • Flexible tip for ease of use at home.
  • Non-irritating formula.
  • Easy rectal usage for patients with reflux issues or nausea.
  • Affordably priced, conveniently packaged in 5 count box.
  • DocuSol® is covered in many states by Medicaid and Private Insurance
DocuSol® 5 pack box


The DocuSol® mini-enema

DocuSol® Plus

DocuSol® Plus

DocuSol® Plus

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If you are dealing with the discomfort of constipation, you are not alone. Constipation is one of the most common gastrointestinal conditions, affecting nearly 42…

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