Docusol and Docusol Plus Constipation Relief

When waiting overnight is not an option!

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DocuSol® and DocuSol® Plus

DocuSol® and DocuSol® Plus are mini enemas that contain docusate sodium in a polyethylene glycol base and are dispensed using a soft latex-free tube. The tube has a twist-off tip that leaves a smooth surface at the point of insertion for comfortable ease of use.

DocuSol® and DocuSol® Plus are the exact same formulations as the institutional products Enemeez® and Enemeez®Plus, but are now offered in a five (5) count box for on shelf retail sales by hundreds of pharmacies and retailers across the country. The Enemeez® brand has been a trusted product for constipation and used over 14 million times by top hospitals over the last ten years. DocuSol® and DocuSol® Plus offer relief within 2-15 minutes.

Why wait overnight?

Docusol and Docusol Plus Constipation Relief

DocuSol® is effective for general constipation as well as constipation associated with spinal cord injury and disease.

Docusol and Docusol Plus Constipation Relief, Mini Enemas

DocuSol® Plus is the same docusate sodium formulation but contains 20mg of benzocaine, assisting in the numbing of the rectum and lower bowel. The formulation was developed for patients who experience painful bowel movements or have hemorrhoids.