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Most of us know that washing hands after going to the bathroom to reduce risk of coming into contact with germs, fecal matter, or other contaminants is always a good idea. In the age of COVID-19, it becomes a practice that could save lives.

What many of us likely don’t know, however, is about the risk of “aerosolized feces”, which occurs when the toilet is flushed.

Also known as “toilet plume”, recent studies have shown that “potentially infectious aerosols may be produced in substantial quantities during flushing”, and this includes infectious diseases like COVID-19. The simple act of closing the toilet lid before you flush reduces the risk of inhaling fecal matter by as much as 80%. This practice, combined with hand washing after bathroom use, significantly reduces the risk of infection.

In public restrooms, where you don’t have information about who has used the toilet before you, behave as though everyone who used the bathroom was COVID-19 positive and take all the precautions you can, including not touching surfaces directly.

If you share a bathroom with a COVID-19 symptomatic person, extra measures like disinfecting bathroom surfaces with alcohol wipes or disinfectants between uses is also important.

To learn more about reducing your risk of fecal transmission of COVID-19 click here.


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